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What I do

UI Designer

I am passionate about designing application user interfaces that are simple yet powerful. Users need to experience a definite flow that guides them through the steps required to use a website or application efficiently.


Since 1998 I have been developing custom applications using Html, CGI, Php, MySql and jQuery. My CMS of choice is WordPress and have built and optimized 100's of WordPress websites.


I can help you improve your digital marketing ROI through better SEO, content marketing, email list building, email newsletters, A/B testing, targeted ads, etc...


Need help with your online strategy? Need advice before investing in online products or services? With 17+ years' experience I can help you make a wise decision.

Hello, I am Jim MacDonald...

I'm a digital marketer and senior web developer living in Edmonton, Alberta. I have worked with companies like Twist Marketing and Driving Force and currently I'm focused on business development for a personal project at OurTeamWeb.com.

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Php & MySql





The projects I am proud of

Xtreme FC Website


This is a customized WordPress website. It includes an embedded Twitter timeline, content marketing through regular club updates, and email list building. New posts are automatically sent to subscribers to increase repeat traffic and higher engagement through sharing of content. Club members can register and pay online.

To be added soon: online 50/50 ticket sales and individual team pages.

The strategy is to create a website where club members are proud to share team achievements. Creating more positive buzz about Xtreme FC in social media creates top-of-mind awareness when potential new club members are researching their soccer options.

Final Cut Pro 10


Created with Final Cut Pro 10, this basic video project is a collection of highlight clips for Xtreme FC from a recent soccer tournament. Effects include Build In/Out Continuous titles, cross-fade transition between clips, Ken Burns pan and zoom on images and bright end clip to match Xtreme FC colors.

I am also responsible for the video recording with my Canon HD camera. Recording soccer games is a hobby of mine which originated 10 years ago when my son was in U8 soccer.

Our Team Web


This is a custom web development project using Php, MySql, jQuery, Amazon SES, Amazon S3, and Stripe payment processing. Tournament directors can use this system to completely manage their tournament and present it on a responsive (mobile-friendly) website. Features include integrated payment processing using the Stripe API, email system to contact all coaches using the Amazon SES API, drag-and-drop pooling and scheduling using jQuery, jQuery UI and Ajax, etc...

See website for demo of features and example of a screencast instructional video.

Screencast Support Video


This video demonstrates the tournament registration process for a coach or team manager. It is an example of the screencast tutorials I create using Camtasia. The video also showcases the user-friendly experience and the use of Ajax, jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap.

Soccer Tournament Directory


This is a custom web development project built as a central location for coaches to update their team information, view and follow upcoming tournaments, and to contact tournament directors directly. Coaches can register their team in less than one minute in any of these tournaments with the One-Login system.

Since tournaments are date-based, the directory layout was designed in a user-friendly timeline format. Suprisingly, no other directories are using this unique approach.

The marketing strategy is to increase awareness of tournaments that use the OurTeamWeb.com system. Tournament directors increase their signup rates with automatic notification to followers when their website is open for registration.

Western Horse Review


As Senior Web Developer at Twist Marketing I was assigned the task of optimizing this website for faster loading times. Strategy involved changing to a better hosting service, reducing the size and number of calls to the server by minimizing and combining stylesheets, using a cloud-based service (Amazon S3) to load common website images, scripts and css and increasing the expiry of the files for improved caching. As well, images were optimized to reduce size.

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Jim MacDonald
Edmonton, AB
(780) 999-7113
me [at] jimmacdonald [dot] biz